Industrial CT scan

Industrial CT scan devices have found many applications in various industries in the last decade. These devices are able to prepare 3D images of the target object or part, and while displaying the reconstructed image in the software, it is possible to scan and check on different parts of the image. . Using this device, the highest and most accurate level of scanning of different parts can be done.

In this device, by taking pictures from different angles and using the obtained data, the image reconstruction process takes place. By placing the object in question at the location of the sample and setting the imaging parameters such as voltage, current and distance, the imaging process is done and the whole process is done automatically. Finally, a 3D image of the object is created in the device software.


  • Quality control of manufactured parts
  • Non-Destructive Testing

Device features

  • rotating object, fixed generator and detector
  • The possibility of preparing two-dimensional cross-sections from different directions
  • CAD output of scanned objects.
  • including seven motorized movements to control the geometric parameters of the remote imaging process
  • Compliant with the radiation standard IEC 61919-2-091-2019
  • Licensed by the Atomic Energy Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran