Arman Moj Fanavar Company started its work in the field of optics and digital X-ray imaging in 2016. Our goal is to localize the production of industrial equipment, especially in the field of X-ray and optics in Iran. At first, this company was able to be registered as a knowledge-based company by offering two products, a diffractometer and an optical refractometer.
In 2016, the company produced software for displaying and processing X-ray images with the ability to detect the type of material. In continuation of its activities, the company started studying digital X-ray detectors, and in 2018, the first generation of digital X-ray detectors was designed and built. By using this device, in addition to X-ray digital imaging, X-ray video can be performed at a rate of more than 10 frames per second.
After designing and building a digital X-ray detector with video recording capability, we thought of designing and building the first example of an industrial CT Scan device in Iran. This device has the ability to reconstruct the images of various bodies and objects in 3D and is used for reverse engineering and quality control of various parts and equipment.
After conducting the system studies, an initial layout was created to check the capability of manufacturing the device, and finally we reached the acceptable initial outputs of the reconstruction of the images of various parts, and the capability of the company’s technical team to manufacture this device was confirmed. The company’s plan was to design and build this device with the highest internal manufacturing depth.
Another device that was designed and built in the company was the electronic board inspection device (PCB Inspection), which was made to image electronic boards. The company has the possibility to provide x-ray imaging services to external entities and users using this device.
Currently, a technical team of 20 people consisting of physics, mechanics, electricity and software experts are working in a space of more than 720 square meters in Arman Moj Fanavar company. Also, to cover the costs of designing and manufacturing this device, a domestic investor was attracted to accelerate the process of designing and manufacturing devices by investing in various projects.
Relying on this specialized team, we are working in the following areas:
• Design and manufacture of digital X-ray detector for medical applications
• Designing and manufacturing electronic boards inspection device (PCB Inspection)
• Design and manufacture of industrial CT scan machine
• Performing X-ray imaging services of industrial parts and electronic boards